The 'disappearance' of Trypillia culture

  title={The 'disappearance' of Trypillia culture},
  author={Mykhailo Videiko},
  journal={Documenta Praehistorica},
  • M. Videiko
  • Published 31 December 2011
  • Political Science
  • Documenta Praehistorica
The Trypillia-Cucuteni cultural complex over a period of almost 2000 years was an outstanding phenomenon east of the Carpathians, but it fell into decay. The Late period of Trypillia culture dates back to 3200–2700 BC and is represented by a few local types or so-called ‘post-Trypillia cultures’, all located in regions with different natural conditions and resources, from forest to steppe zones. Local features displayed different trends of change in the economy and material culture and also in… 

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