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The 'Science' of Eugenics: America's Moral Detour

  title={The 'Science' of Eugenics: America's Moral Detour},
  author={Marilyn M. Singleton},
Eugenics was popularized in the in the United States in the 1890s. High school and college textbooks from the 1920s through the 1940s often had chapters touting the scientific progress to be made from applying eugenic principles to the population. Many early scientific journals focusing on heredity in plants and lower organisms were published by eugenicists and included “scientific” articles on human eugenics-promoting studies of heredity. When eugenics fell out of favor after World War II… Expand
Modern Charity: Morality, Politics, and Mid-Twentieth Century US Writing
OF DISSERTATION MODERN CHARITY: MORALITY, POLITICS, AND MID-TWENTIETH CENTURY US WRITING Scholars over the past two decades (Denning, Szalay, Edmunds, Robbins) have theorized the different waysExpand
The Battle of the Intellectually Disabled for Jobs, Not Drugs: A Socialist versus Medicaid History
ABSTRACT This article is about the economic rights of Washington, DC’s so-called “intellectually disabled.” They have a history of resisting being drugged up, unemployed and impoverished, in short ofExpand
On intellectual and developmental disabilities in the United States: A historical perspective
  • Jordan A Conrad
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Journal of intellectual disabilities : JOID
  • 2018
The vacillating historical trajectory for people with IDD in the United States from the colonial period to the present is explored and the conceptual understanding of disability itself across time periods as that which informs particular developments in treatment, law, and social status is paid to. Expand
Why the intellectually disabled in the Evans case continue to hold the DC government neglectful after 40 years: a history of differing views about disability rights
Abstract This article is about Washington, DC’s intellectually disabled and the history of their struggle for habilitation rights, which for them includes gainful employment and having a family.Expand
Reclaiming ourselves through Testimonio pedagogy: reflections on a curriculum design lab in teacher education
Abstract This article details one teacher preparation course centering Latin American Testimonio narratives of struggle/survival amid structural oppression for use in secondary curriculum. As ourExpand
Controlling Pregnancy: Fred Lyman Adair And The Influence Of Eugenics On The Development Of Prenatal Care
This paper aims to provide a history of the field and some of the techniques used, as well as some examples of individual cases, that have been used in the field. Expand


The Pivot of Civilization
Civilization is based upon the control and guidance of the natural instinct of sex and birth control is the only means of mastering this force. Desipite the suport of the neo-Malthusian movement inExpand
Hereditary genius and talent
  • Macmillan ’ s Magazine
  • 1865
My way to peace . Birth Control Review , Jan 17 , 1932
    Protection or control ? Women ’ s health , sterilization abuse , and Relf v . Weinberger
      Quality , not mere quantity counts : black eugenics and the NAACP baby contests