The 'Anti-Feminism' of Hannah Arendt

  title={The 'Anti-Feminism' of Hannah Arendt},
  author={Maria R. Markus},
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even simply learn from different theoretical propositions produced by males, but persistently ignores the existence of women thinkers unless they declare openly their interest in feminism. Otherwise their works are mostly considered as not worthy even of a serious critical examination, and the best they can hope for is a few dismissive remarks as they have ’next to nothing’ to say on woman, or if they do it is all wrong, as it is supposed to serve only the purpose of ’sneaking into the men’s… 

The Gender‐Neutral Feminism of Hannah Arendt

Though many have recently attempted either to locate Arendt within feminism or feminism within the great body of Arendt's work, these efforts have proven only modestly successful. Even a cursory

Learning from the Budapest School women

  • P. Johnson
  • Political Science
    Critique in a Neoliberal Age
  • 2019
What can Western feminism hope to learn from women whose feminisms were originally shaped by experiences behind the ‘Iron Curtain’? In the first instance, an acute sensitivity to the importance of a

Birth and Natality in Hannah Arendt

In the reflections of Hannah Arendt the theme of birth enjoys privileged status, above all in respect to the theories of action and politics, which make up a sector central to the thought of this

“White Women Elected Trump”: Feminism in ‘Dark Times,’ Its Present and Future

Women-centred social movements are currently undergoing a period of intense self-reflection and -criticism following the election of Donald J. Trump as President, and in the context of the large

Embodied Judgment in Hannah Arendt: From Boethius and Huck Finn to Transnational Feminisms

Feminists have found Arendt helpful in articulating a theory of judgment across cultural differences. Embodiment enters this discussion, usually, through attention to enlarged mentality. In contrast,

Between the Social and the Political

In this article, I try to explore some of the elements of the potential for active citizenship, as conceptualized by Hannah Arendt. Inspired by, but not limited to her work, I attempt to find some

Femininity, Motherhood, and Feminism: Reflections on Paul Mendes-Flohr’s Biography Martin Buber: A Life of Faith and Dissent

In his intellectual biography of the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, A Life of Faith and Dissent written in 2019, Paul Mendes-Flohr offers us an intimate view of Buber’s life and thought without

Boundaries of difference : geographical and social mobility by Lifuan women

In this thesis I investigate Lifuans' construction of identity in the context of their interactions with outsiders in the region and with Europeans. I illustrate the articulation of values and

Haack Among the Feminists: Or, Where are the Women?

Title Haack Among the Feminists: Or, Where are the Women? Authors(s) Crowley, Timothy J. Publication date 2020-07-23 Publication information Cosmos + Taxis: Studies in Emergent Order and

COSMOS + TAXIS | Volume 8 Issues 6 + 7 2020

COVER IMAGE Susan Haack on being awarded the Ulysses Medal by University College Dublin Photo by Jason Clarke http: If you’ve had anything to do with anglophone



JUSTICE: On Relating Private and Public

ALMOST ALL the available evidence, we are witnessinga widespread turning away from public life. The prevailing disillusionment with established leadership and institutions produces not protest but

Hannah Arendt: For Love of the World

This highly acclaimed, prize-winning biography of one of the foremost political philosophers of the twentieth century is here reissued in a trade paperback edition for a new generation of readers. In

Women, Welfare and The Politics of Need Interpretation

I argue that social-welfare struggles should become more central for feminists. To clarify these, I offer an analysis of the U.S. welfare system. I expose the system's underlying gender norms and

Crises of the Republic, Penguin Books

  • 1973

Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of a Jewess

Born in 1771 as the daughter of a Jewish merchant, Rahel Varnhagen would come to host one of the most prominent salons of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Hannah Arendt discovered her writings

The Life of a Jewess

  • East and West Library Publ. 1957,
  • 1957

Annah Arendt, 1973 a

    On Revolution , Penguin Books

    • 1979

    Introduction to the special issue of Salmagundi on