The “epiphysa” fibular nail - 45 Cases during 30 months

  title={The “epiphysa” fibular nail - 45 Cases during 30 months},
  author={M. Francois and N. Inal and E. Nassar and A. Benrahho and B. Moujawaz},
  journal={European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery \& Traumatology},
SummaryThis study is based on 45 observations of lateral malleolus fractures, treated by the epiphysa nail, since May 1994. Material: - 4 isolated fracture of lateral malleolus. - 27 Cases of ankle dislocation with bi or tri malleolar fractures. - 14 cases associated with diaphysal or distal fracture of the tibia, astragalus fracture or medial ligament rupture. The sex ratio was 22 women for 23 men between 17 and 90 years old. Methods: Open reduction with internal fixation by epiphysa nail was… Expand
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