The “Offending” Breast of Janet Jackson: Public Discourse Surrounding the Jackson/Timberlake Performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII

  title={The “Offending” Breast of Janet Jackson: Public Discourse Surrounding the Jackson/Timberlake Performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII},
  author={Shannon L. Holland},
  journal={Women's Studies in Communication},
  pages={129 - 150}
This article examines national newspapers' framing of the Jackson/Timberlake halftime performance during Super Bowl XXXVIII. I argue that Jackson was often represented in national newspapers as the primary or sole instigator of the event and as a scheming seductress who manipulated Timberlake for her own economic gain. This framing not only constructed Jackson as a contemporary Jezebel but also deflected attention away from Timberlake and, conversely, reaffirmed his white male privilege. 
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