The “Hybrid War” Phenomenon in the Coercive Component of Current World Politics

  title={The “Hybrid War” Phenomenon in the Coercive Component of Current World Politics},
  author={Andrei Afanas’evich Kokoshin},
  journal={Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences},
  • A. Kokoshin
  • Published 1 September 2018
  • Political Science
  • Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The growing role of the military factor in world politics calls for considering and philosophizing about an ever-broader spectrum of warfare forms and methods. In recent years, various interpretations of the “hybrid war” formula in this spectrum have been distinguished in our country and elsewhere, assuming the use of not only advanced technologies but also means and methods of armed struggle that go back centuries. A major role in conducting this warfare is given to special operations forces… Expand
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