The “Haunt” project: An attempt to build a “haunted” room by manipulating complex electromagnetic fields and infrasound

  title={The “Haunt” project: An attempt to build a “haunted” room by manipulating complex electromagnetic fields and infrasound},
  author={Christopher C. French and Usman Haque and Rosie Bunton-Stasyshyn and Robert I. Davis},

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Things That Go Bump in the Literature: An Environmental Appraisal of “Haunted Houses”
A narrative overview of the past 20-years of environmental research on anomalous experiences attributed to “haunted house” revealed a relative paucity of studies on environmental factors that ostensibly stimulate haunt-type experiences and a recurring focus on six ambient variables.
Infrasound has become established within paranormal research as a causal factor in the production of subjective experiences that may be interpreted by the percipient as having a paranormal origin.
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Haunted People Syndrome (HP-S) denotes individuals who recurrently report various “supernatural” encounters in everyday settings ostensibly due to heightened somatic-sensory sensitivities to dis-ease


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The hypothesis that the sense of a presence, which may be the common phenomenological base from which experiences of gods, spirits, angels, and other entities are derived, is a right hemispheric homologue of the left hemispheres sense of self is supported.
Experimental Simulation of a Haunt Experience and Elicitation of Paroxysmal Electroencephalographic Activity by Transcerebral Complex Magnetic Fields: Induction of a Synthetic “Ghost”?
The results of this experiment suggest that controlled simulation of these pervasive phenomena within the laboratory is possible and that this experimental protocol may help discern the physical stimuli that evoke their occurrence in nature.
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Recent laboratory studies have revealed that human exposure to low-frequency complex electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can induce strange and exceptional hallucinatory experiences under controlled
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Clearly not all buildings have a reputation for being haunted. For those buildings that do, such anomalous experiences and events do not take place all of the time. Furthermore, when such instances
An investigation into alleged 'hauntings'.
It is suggested that alleged hauntings may not necessarily represent evidence for 'ghostly' activity, but could be, at least in part, the result of people responding to 'normal' factors in their surroundings.
Geophysical Variables and Behavior: Civ. Power-Frequency Magnetic Field Transients (5 Microtesla) and Reports of Haunt Experiences within an Electronically Dense House
This case suggests that transient, complex temporal patterns of power-frequency magnetic fields generated by less than optimal grounding in dwellings and telluric currents may be sufficient to evoke experiences in the brains of sensitive individuals.
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ABSTRACT: Apparitions and poltergeist-like disturbances were reported by the owner and employees of awayside inn in Merion, Pennsylvania. The legend that a "ghost" haunted the premises had persisted
Research Note: Sleeping With the Entity - A Quantitative Magnetic Investigation of an English Castle's Reputedly 'Haunted' Bedroom.
Field-based investigations of haunt-phenomena have revealed that magnetically remarkable signatures may exist in specific locations associated with strange experiences. However, no field-study to
Geophysical Variables and Behavior: Xcii. Experimental Elicitation of the Experience of a Sentient Being by Right Hemispheric, Weak Magnetic Fields: Interaction with Temporal Lobe Sensitivity
We tested the hypothesis that proportionally more people with above average numbers of complex partial epileptic-like experiences before the experiment would report a proximal presence during