The ‘zero charge’ partitioning behaviour of noble gases during mantle melting

  title={The ‘zero charge’ partitioning behaviour of noble gases during mantle melting},
  author={Rachael Brooker and Z. Du and Jonathan Blundy and Simon P. Kelley and Neil L. Allan and Bernard J. Wood and Ennid Margarita Chamorro and J.-A. Wartho and John A. Purton},
Noble-gas geochemistry is an important tool for understanding planetary processes from accretion to mantle dynamics and atmospheric formation. Central to much of the modelling of such processes is the crystal–melt partitioning of noble gases during mantle melting, magma ascent and near-surface degassing. Geochemists have traditionally considered the ‘inert’ noble gases to be extremely incompatible elements, with almost 100 per cent extraction efficiency from the solid phase during melting… CONTINUE READING

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