The ‘innateness hypothesis’ and explanatory models in linguistics

  title={The ‘innateness hypothesis’ and explanatory models in linguistics},
  author={Hilary Putnam},
The ‘innateness hypothesis’ (henceforth, the ‘I.H.’) is a daring — or apparently daring; it may be meaningless, in which case it is not daring — hypothesis proposed by Noam Chomsky. I owe a debt of gratitude to Chomsky for having repeatedly exposed me to the I.H.; I have relied heavily in what follows on oral communications from him; and I beg his pardon in advance if I misstate the I.H. in any detail, or misrepresent any of the arguments for it. In addition to relying upon oral communications… 

The Syntax of Galileo: Reply to Ray Jackendoff

In the opening paragraph of his response, Professor Jackendoff describes some ‘common’ responses to his theory as a series of ‘misunderstandings’, and acknowledges the most conspicuous misunderstanding in his book: one distinction that was erroneously omitted from PiM concerns two senses of the term “syntax”.


Goldsmith's rustics were quite right about the village schoolmaster, of course, well in advance of their time and, apparently, of Goldsmith. But perhaps the time has come for less of such gazing, by


In this paper I consider some of the most prominent philosophical challenges to the viability of Chomskyan linguistics. The challenges in question are generated by the work of Quine, Kripke and

The state of emergentism in second language acquisition

‘Emergentism’ is the name that has recently been given to a general approach to cognition that stresses the interaction between organism and environment and that denies the existence of

Cowie on the Poverty of Stimulus

This paper defends the use of the poverty of stimulus argument for linguistic nativism against Cowie's (1999) counter-claim that it leaves empiricism untouched and shows that Cowie misunderstands both the methodology of current linguistics and the complexity of the data it is obliged to explain.

Chomsky's Contribution to Linguistics: A Review

This review seeks to highlight Chomsky's major contributions to the field of linguistics. He changed linguists' conception about the nature of language from an externalized to internalized approach.


The argument underestimates the extent to which positive data can supply negative evidence and hence overestimates the intractability of language learning in the absence of a dedicated faculty, and indicates a need for domain-specific constraints.

The relation between mind and language: The Innateness Hypothesis and the Poverty of the Stimulus

Abstract This article tries to show some specifically linguistic weak points in the Poverty of-the-Stimulus Argument (PSA). Besides some quantitative considerations, from a qualitative point of view

This paper is sort of an extended footnote , with a faint

O. This paper is sort of an extended footnote, with a faint Borgesian flavorl. What I'm going to do is show how one rather prominent argument in the linguistics literature against one aspect of the

Bakhtin contra darwinianos e cognitivistas

This article begins with a critique of the language theory of cognitive scientists such as Stephen Pinker ( The Language Instinct ), who describe in grammatical terms the complexity of human


12 Macaulays first words, it is sdd, were: " Thank you, Madam, the agony has somewhat abated

  • 12 Macaulays first words, it is sdd, were: " Thank you, Madam, the agony has somewhat abated