The ‘Shirazi’ Colonization of East Africa

  title={The ‘Shirazi’ Colonization of East Africa},
  author={H. Neville Chittick},
  journal={The Journal of African History},
  pages={275 - 294}
  • H. Chittick
  • Published 1 November 1965
  • History
  • The Journal of African History
The paper puts forward a new interpretation of aspects of the early history of the East African coast, and in particular maintains that the immigration of the ‘Shirazi’ took place some zoo years later than the date in the latter part of the tenth century which has hitherto been accepted. After a brief summary of the Arabic sources bearing on the history of the coast, and of the received history of Kilwa before the beginning of the fourteenth century, the two versions of the Kilwa Chronicle are… 

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