The ‘New Materialism’ and the Fragility of Things

  title={The ‘New Materialism’ and the Fragility of Things},
  author={William E. Connolly},
  journal={Millennium - Journal of International Studies},
  pages={399 - 412}
  • W. Connolly
  • Published 1 June 2013
  • Art
  • Millennium - Journal of International Studies
The ‘new materialism’ is the most common name given to a series of movements in several fields that criticise anthropocentrism, rethink subjectivity by playing up the role of inhuman forces within the human, emphasize the self-organizing powers of several nonhuman processes, explore dissonant relations between those processes and cultural practice, rethink the sources of ethics, and commend the need to fold a planetary dimension more actively and regularly into studies of global, interstate and… 

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