The ‘Bombay School’ and Urban Sociology in India

  title={The ‘Bombay School’ and Urban Sociology in India},
  author={Narayana Jayaram},
  journal={Sociological Bulletin},
  pages={311 - 323}
  • N. Jayaram
  • Published 1 May 2013
  • Sociology
  • Sociological Bulletin
I thank Professors P.G. Jogdanad and Kamala Ganesh, organising secretary and coordinator respectively of the seminar, for this honour. The seminar has given me an opportunity to pay a small tribute to the rich benefits of a legacy of the ‘Bombay School’ of sociology, which has been of special significance to me in my career as a sociologist. I learnt sociology from and wrote my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Professor C. Rajagopalan, one of the last doctoral scholars supervised by… 



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