The μ-Calculus Alternation Hierarchy Collapses over Structures with Restricted Connectivity

  title={The μ-Calculus Alternation Hierarchy Collapses over Structures with Restricted Connectivity},
  author={J. Gutierrez and F. Klaedtke and M. Lange},
  • J. Gutierrez, F. Klaedtke, M. Lange
  • Published in GandALF 2012
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • It is known that the alternation hierarchy of least and greatest fixpoint operators in the mu-calculus is strict. However, the strictness of the alternation hierarchy does not necessarily carry over when considering restricted classes of structures. A prominent instance is the class of infinite words over which the alternation-free fragment is already as expressive as the full mu-calculus. Our current understanding of when and why the mu-calculus alternation hierarchy is not strict is limited… CONTINUE READING
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