The κ-(A)dS quantum algebra in (3 + 1) dimensions

  title={The $\kappa$-(A)dS quantum algebra in (3 + 1) dimensions},
  author={{\'A}ngel Ballesteros and Francisco J. Herranz and Fabio Musso and Pedro Naranjo},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

The κ-(A)dS noncommutative spacetime

Noncommutative (A)dS and Minkowski spacetimes from quantum Lorentz subgroups

The complete classification of classical r-matrices generating quantum deformations of the (3 + 1)-dimensional (A)dS and Poincaré groups such that their Lorentz sector is a quantum subgroup is

M ay 2 01 9 The κ-( A ) dS noncommutative spacetime

The (3+1)-dimensional κ-(A)dS noncommutative spacetime is explicitly constructed by quantizing its semiclassical counterpart, which is the κ-(A)dS Poisson homogeneous space. Under minimal physical

Curved momentum spaces from quantum (anti–)de Sitter groups in ( 3+1 ) dimensions

Curved momentum spaces associated to the $\kappa$-deformation of the (3+1) de Sitter and Anti-de Sitter algebras are constructed as orbits of suitable actions of the dual Poisson-Lie group associated

The κ-Newtonian and κ-Carrollian algebras and their noncommutative spacetimes

Interplay between Spacetime Curvature, Speed of Light and Quantum Deformations of Relativistic Symmetries

The properties and relations of these algebras of relativistic symmetries and their associated noncommutative spacetimes are surveyed, emphasizing the nontrivial effects of interplay between curvature, quantum deformation and speed of light parameters.

The Poincaré group as a Drinfel’d double

The eight nonisomorphic Drinfel’d double (DD) structures for the Poincaré Lie group in (2  +  1) dimensions are explicitly constructed in the kinematical basis. Also, the two existing DD structures

Noncommutative spaces of worldlines



On quantum deformations of (anti-)de Sitter algebras in (2+1) dimensions

Quantum deformations of (anti-)de Sitter (A)dS algebras in (2+1) dimensions are revisited, and several features of these quantum structures are reviewed. In particular, the classification problem of

Quantum (2+1) kinematical algebras: a global approach

In this paper we give an approach to quantum deformations of the (2+1) kinematical Lie algebras within a scheme that simultaneously describes all groups of motions of classical geometries in N=3

Quantum algebras as quantizations of dual Poisson–Lie groups

A systematic computational approach for the explicit construction of any quantum Hopf algebra (Uz(g), Δz) starting from the Lie bialgebra (g, δ) that gives the first-order deformation of the

Four‐dimensional quantum affine algebras and space–time q‐symmetries

A global model of the q deformation for the quasiorthogonal Lie algebras generating the groups of motions of the four‐dimensional affine Cayley–Klein (CK) geometries is obtained starting from the