The (In)dependence of Alternative Splicing and Gene Duplication

  title={The (In)dependence of Alternative Splicing and Gene Duplication},
  author={David Talavera and Christine Vogel and Modesto Orozco and Sarah A. Teichmann and Xavier de la Cruz},
  journal={PLoS Computational Biology},
  pages={1151 - 1155}
Alternative splicing (AS) and gene duplication (GD) both are processes that diversify the protein repertoire. Recent examples have shown that sequence changes introduced by AS may be comparable to those introduced by GD. In addition, the two processes are inversely correlated at the genomic scale: large gene families are depleted in splice variants and vice versa. All together, these data strongly suggest that both phenomena result in interchangeability between their effects. Here, we tested… CONTINUE READING