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The 'Right' to Maim: Disablement and Inhumanist Biopolitics in Palestine

  title={The 'Right' to Maim: Disablement and Inhumanist Biopolitics in Palestine},
  author={Jasbir K. Puar},
This essay argues that Israel manifests an implicit claim to the ‘right to maim’ and debilitate Palestinian bodies and environments as a form of biopolitical control and as central to a scientifically authorized humanitarian economy. In this context, the essay tracks the permeating relations between living and dying that complicate Michel Foucault’s foundational mapping of biopower, in this case, the practice of deliberate maiming. In doing so it demonstrates the limitations of the idea of… 
Forget “militarization”: race, disability and the “martial politics” of the police and of the university
ABSTRACT This article investigates the limits of the concept of militarization and proposes an alternative concept: martial politics. It argues that the concept of militarization falsely presumes a
The Colonial Boundaries of Exilic Discourse: Contextualizing Mabini's Incarceration in Guåhan
Author(s): Ong, Josephine Faith Faith | Advisor(s): Camacho, Keith L | Abstract: The writings of Filipino revolutionary Apolinario Mabini, incarcerated in Asan Beach on Guahan from 1901-1903,
Re-Thinking the Figure of the Humanitarian: Sahar Khalifeh’s The End of Spring and the Function of Human Rights Narrative
In this article, I analyze the figure of the humanitarian in Khalifeh’s novel, The End of Spring, which depicts events during the 2002 siege of the West Bank. Drawing upon Slaughter's theory of
Thinking Life, Death, and Solidarity through Colonized Palestine
Jasbir K. Puar: I wrote Terrorist Assemblages informed by the intensive political organizing inwhich Iparticipated inNewYorkCity after9/11.Thebook foregrounded a relationship betweenmodernity and
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ABSTRACT Drawing from David Goldberg’s attentiveness to racism and ‘postraciality’, I read the role of racial violence and terror in the making of Palestine and the Palestinians. The paper shows how
Jerusalem Live: What Does Settler Colonialism Look Like?
Editor’s note: Jerusalem Quarterly thanks Nadera Shalhoub-Kervorkian for permission to publish excerpts from her presentation in a plenary session at the Critical Geography conference, entitled
Incarcerated Childhood and the Politics of Unchilding
Who has the right to a safe and protected childhood? Incarcerated Childhood and the Politics of Unchilding deepens understanding of children as political capital in the hands of those in power,
Israeli settler colonialism, “humanitarian warfare,” and sexual violence in Palestine
  • Kathryn Medien
  • Political Science, Sociology
    International Feminist Journal of Politics
  • 2021
ABSTRACT In recent years, Israel’s military practices have increasingly been described as “humanitarian,” entrenching the narrative that the State of Israel is at war with a “hostile” and “terrorist”
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ABSTRACT This paper examines the burst of visual production that emerged from and around Indian-occupied Kashmir in July 2016, when the Indian paramilitary and police began to implement for the first
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We wrote the proposal for this special issue at the beginning of 2015. From our institutional home in the United States South, daily life, class discussions, and academic work felt saturated with


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This writer who has warned us of the “ideological” function of both the oeuvre and the author as unquestioned forms of discursive organization has gone quite far in constituting for both these
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With the burgeoning popularity of speculative thought, it is becoming more evident that what is labelled as ‘speculative’ is more an epiphenomenon of the inquisitive renegotiation of human faculties,
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This article sets out to show the widening gulf that has emerged between the international community's professed diplomatic endgame to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following a two-state
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Settler colonialism is exemplary of the processes of biopower theorised by Giorgio Agamben and Michel Foucault. However, settler colonialism remains naturalised within theories of biopower and
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What does it mean for Inuit to cooperate with the (disavowed) desires that emerge in a colonial bureaucracy dedicated to improving Inuit lives? In this article, I consider the psychic life of
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Indigenous children have always figured prominently in settler colonial state expansion and consolidation. This article analyses the implication of the lives, bodies and homes of Palestinian children
Unplug and Play: Manufacturing Collapse in Gaza
This article examines how colonial violence has been recast in light of Israel's disengagement from Gaza during the summer 2005. By looking at infrastructural networks —the systems that distribute
Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect
In Animacies , Mel Y. Chen draws on recent debates about sexuality, race, and affect to examine how matter that is considered insensate, immobile, or deathly animates cultural lives. Toward that end,
The Least of All Possible Evils: Humanitarian Violence from Arendt to Gaza
THE LEAST OF ALL POSSIBLE EVILS: HUMANITARIAN VIOLENCE FROM ARENDT TO GAZA by Eyal Weizman New York: Verso, 2011 (218 pages, index, illustrations) $26.95 (cloth)In that historical moment after the
The Effects of Israeli Violations during the Second Uprising "Intifada" on Palestinian Health Conditions
Introduction THIS ARTICLE DOCUMENTS ISRAELI VIOLATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS and humanitarian law during the second intifada, and their effects on the health situation of more than three