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The $(k,l)$-Euler theorem and the combinatorics of $(k,l)$-sequences

  title={The \$(k,l)\$-Euler theorem and the combinatorics of \$(k,l)\$-sequences},
  author={Isaac Konan},
In 1997, Bousquet-M\'elou and Eriksson stated a broad generalization of Euler's distinct-odd partition theorem, namely the $(k,l)$-Euler theorem. Their identity involved the $(k,l)$-lecture-hall partitions, which, unlike usual difference conditions of partitions in Rogers-Ramanujan type identities, satisfy some ratio constraints. In a 2008 paper, in response to a question suggested by Richard Stanley, Savage and Yee provided a simple bijection for the $l$-lecture-hall partitions (the case $k=l… Expand

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