The "two-headed" peptide inhibitors of interleukin-1 action.

  title={The "two-headed" peptide inhibitors of interleukin-1 action.},
  author={Alicja Kluczyk and I Z Siemiona and Zbigniew J Wieczorek},
  volume={21 9},
Two peptide fragments of IL-1 family proteins, ITGSE and VTKFYF compete with IL-1 for the cellular receptor. We synthesized a series of peptides composed of the sequences ITGSE and VTKFYK bound directly to each other or connected by such linkers as (Gly)(n), L- and D-Pro residues, Glu and Lys residues (with peptide bond formed by main amino and carboxy groups or by side chain groups), and beta-alanine and its homologues. Peptide IX with a gamma-Glu linker was the most potent inhibitor of IL-1… CONTINUE READING