The "lively" cytokines network in beta-Thalassemia Major-related osteoporosis.

  title={The "lively" cytokines network in beta-Thalassemia Major-related osteoporosis.},
  author={Nunziata Morabito and Giuseppina T Russo and Agostino Gaudio and Antonino Lasco and Antonio Catalano and Elisa Morini and Fabio Franchina and Domenica Maisano and Mariangela La Rosa and Maria Plota and Adolfa Crif{\`o} and Anna Meo and Nicola Frisina},
  volume={40 6},
Osteoporosis affects approximately 40-50% of adult patients with beta-Thalassemia Major (beta TM). Recent data have implicated an altered modulation of the osteoprotegerin (OPG)/receptor activator of NFkB ligand (RANKL) system in the pathogenesis of beta TM-osteoporosis. OPG/RANKL system acts downstream from IL-1 alpha, IL-6 and TNF-alpha and it may be the final actor mediating the effects of these cytokines on the regulation of both postmenopausal and metabolic bone resorption. However, to… CONTINUE READING
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