The "Petri" Dish: A Case of Simultaneous Invention in Bacteriology.

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  • Art
  • Endeavour
Uninvited Guests: a Chronology of Petri Dish Contaminations.
  • G. Shama
  • Biology
    Advances in applied microbiology
  • 2021
Methods for rapid prototyping novel labware: using CAD and desktop 3D printing in the microbiology laboratory
This work designed, produced and tested rapid prototypes of customised labware for microbial culture namely frames to make dip slides, inoculation loops, multi‐pin replicators, and multi‐well culture plates for solid medium, illustrating the flexibility of rapid‐prototyped culture consumable parts for streamlining microbiological methods.
Etymologia: Petri Dish
  • M. Mahajan
  • Medicine
    Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • 2021
12. Testing strategy for coronavirus (COVID-19) in high-density critical infrastructure workplaces after a CO VID-19 case is identified.
Coronavirus Disease among Workers in Food Processing, Food Manufacturing, and Agriculture Workplaces
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among US food manufacturing and agriculture workers and updated information on meat and poultry processing workers are described and racial and ethnic minority workers could be disproportionately affected.
SARS-CoV-2 Delta–Omicron Recombinant Viruses, United States
To detect new and changing SARS-CoV-2 variants, we investigated candidate Delta–Omicron recombinant genomes from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention national genomic surveillance. Laboratory