The "Ly-1 B" cell subpopulation in normal immunodefective, and autoimmune mice

  title={The "Ly-1 B" cell subpopulation in normal immunodefective, and autoimmune mice},
  author={K. Hayakawa and R. R. Hardy and D. Parks and L. Herzenberg},
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  pages={202 - 218}
  • K. Hayakawa, R. R. Hardy, +1 author L. Herzenberg
  • Published 1983
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • A small subpopulation of normal murine splenic B cells carrying all of the classic B cells markers (IgM, IgD, Ia, and ThB) also carries Ly-1, one of the major T cell surface molecules. This "Ly-1 B" subpopulation (identified and characterized by multiparameter FACS analyses) consists of relatively large, high IgM/low-IgD/low-Ly-1 lymphocytes that represent approximately 2% of the spleen cells in normal animals and, generally, 5-10% of spleen cells in NZB mice. Ly-1 B are clearly detectable in… CONTINUE READING
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