The "Jewish War": Goebbels and the Antisemitic Campaigns of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry

  title={The "Jewish War": Goebbels and the Antisemitic Campaigns of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry},
  author={Jeffrey Herf},
  journal={Holocaust and Genocide Studies},
  pages={51 - 80}
  • J. Herf
  • Published 1 March 2005
  • Political Science
  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies
How the Nazi leadership translated radical antisemitism into a narrative of an innocent, besieged Germany striking back at an "international Jewry" it accused of starting and prolonging World War II forms the subject of this study. In the Nazis' paranoid conspiracy theory "Jewry" comprised powers behind the scenes in London, Moscow, and Washington. In response to the "war of extermination" that Jewry had supposedly launched against Germany, the Nazi leadership publicly threatened to… 

Convergence: The Classic Case Nazi Germany, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism during World War II

Despite granting permission for limited Jewish emigration to Palestine in the 1930s, the ideology and policy of the Nazi regime never supported establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. During

Vulgar Imagery and Biological Themes: An Analysis of the Nazi’s Anti-Semitic Dialogue

During World War Two, the Nazi regime created a mechanized and systematic killing process with the intention of eliminating the “undesirables” of their occupied territory—now referred to as the

German Anti-Jewish Propaganda in the Generalgouvernement, 1939–1945: Inciting Hate through Posters, Films, and Exhibitions

Studies of the reception of Nazi propaganda have tended to focus on Western Europe and, more specifically, on German society. By comparison, the issue of Nazi propaganda directed at the peoples of

Life under Siege: The Jews of Magdeburg under Nazi Rule

This regional study documents the life and the destruction of the Jewish community of Magdeburg, in the Prussian province of Saxony, between 1933 and 1945. As this is the first comprehensive and

Partners against Anti-Semitism: Muslims and Jews respond to Nazism in French North African colonies, 1936–1940

In the late 1920s, Bernard Lecache founded the International League Against Anti-Semitism (LICA) in Paris to raise public awareness in France and other European countries about hatred of Jews and to

Dehumanization and mass violence: A study of mental state language in Nazi propaganda (1927–1945)

Dehumanization is frequently cited as a precursor to mass violence, but quantitative support for this notion is scarce. The present work provides such support by examining the dehumanization of Jews

Conspiratorial Narratives in Violent Political Actors’ Language

This article articulates the concept of “conspiratorial narratives”—defined as stories which integrate a large range of events and archetypal characters from past and present in a single teleological

Reporting from the battlefield: censorship and journalism

In the autumn of 1940, at the height of the London Blitz, Robert Casey, a war correspondent for the Chicago Daily News, compiled a mock dispatch in a vein he thought would most appeal to the British

The Virtues of Mendacity: On Lying in Politics

When Michael Dukakis accused George H.W. Bush of being the 'Joe Isuzu of American Politics' during the 1988 presidential campaign, he asserted in a particularly American tenor the near-ancient idea

Palestinian Incitement: The Real “Deal Breaker”

Incitement to hatred and violence is a weapon of political warfare. It is not the result of a misunderstanding, nor does it happen randomly. States and insurgent movements that are waging war openly



The War Against the Jews, 1933-45

The systematic destruction of six million Jews, carried out by the German state under Adolf Hitler during the Second World War, is still almost impossible to comprehend. In this extraordinary book

National Socialist extermination policies : contemporary German perspectives and controversies

Chapter 1. Policy of Extermination U. Herbert Chapter 2. Jewish Resettlement G. Aly Chapter 3. The Killing of the Jews in the Incorporated Eastern Territories D. Pohl Chapter 4. Anti-Jewish Policy

The Other God that Failed: Hans Freyer and the Deradicalization of German Conservatism

Why did some of the "best and brightest" of Weimar intellectuals advocate totalitarian solutions to the problems of liberal democratic, capitalist society? How did their "radical conservatism"

The Path to Genocide: Essays on Launching the Final Solution

Preface Part I. The Prelude to Genocide: 1. Nazi resettlement policy and the search for a solution to the Jewish question, 1939-1941 2. Nazi ghettoization policy in Poland, 1939-41 Part II.

The Paranoid Style in American Politics. And Other Essays

"The distinguishing thing about the paranoid style is not that its exponents see conspiracies or plots here and there in history, but that they regard a vast' or gigantic' conspiracy as the "motive

The Origins of the Final Solution: The Evolution of Nazi Jewish Policy, September 1939-March 1942

Published by the University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem In 1939, the Nazi regime's plans for redrawing the demographic map of Eastern Europe entailed the expulsion of

The Wannsee Conference, the Fate of German Jews, and Hitler's Decision in Principle to Exterminate All European Jews*

  • C. Gerlach
  • History
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 1998
“The most remarkable thing about the meeting at Wannsee (which was not called the ‘Wannsee Conference’ until after the war) is that we do not know why it took place.” So wrote the celebrated German

Hitler's willing executioners : ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

Daniel Goldhagen re-visits a question which history has treated as settled, and his research leads him to the inescapble conclusion that none of the answers holds true. That question is: How could

The Holocaust and History : the Known, the Unknown, the Disputed, and the Reexamined

place called "East," became the destination for hundreds of transports of Jews dispatched from all over Europe. The exact date when the slaughter of Jews began in Auschwitz is not known. In their

Fascism-a Reader's Guide: Analyses, Interpretations, Bibliography.@@@Fascism as a Mass Movement.

Mussolini's march on Rome; Hitler's speeches before waves of goose-stepping storm troopers; the horrors of the Holocaust; burning crosses and neo-Nazi skinhead hooligans. Few words are as evocative,