The "Bewitching Lotteries for Virginia," 1616–21: A List of Sites and Charitable Donations

  title={The "Bewitching Lotteries for Virginia," 1616–21: A List of Sites and Charitable Donations},
  author={E. Rose},
  journal={Huntington Library Quarterly},
  pages={107 - 119}
  • E. Rose
  • Published 2018
  • History
  • Huntington Library Quarterly
abstract:From 1616 to 1621, the Virginia Company of London sponsored lotteries throughout England as a way to fund the Jamestown colony. For the privilege of holding a lottery, the company donated to local charities, established and improved municipal libraries, and supported poor tradesmen, clergymen, apprentices, and schoolmasters directly or through revolving loans. E. M. Rose identifies more than thirty locations of lotteries held from 1616 to 1621 and details the resulting benefactions and… Expand


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