The "Annie hypothesis": did the death of his daughter cause Darwin to "give up Christianity"?

  title={The "Annie hypothesis": did the death of his daughter cause Darwin to "give up Christianity"?},
  author={John van Wyhe and Mark John Pallen},
  journal={Centaurus; international magazine of the history of science and medicine},
  volume={54 2},
  • John van Wyhe, M. Pallen
  • Published 1 May 2012
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Centaurus; international magazine of the history of science and medicine
This article examines one of the most widely believed episodes in the life of Charles Darwin, that the death of his daughter Annie in 1851 caused the end of Darwin's belief in Christianity, and according to some versions, ended his attendance of church on Sundays. This hypothesis, it is argued, is commonly treated as a straightforward true account of Darwin's life, yet there is little or no supporting evidence. Furthermore, we argue, there is sufficient evidence that Darwin's loss of faith… Expand
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