Thallium manganese sulfate hexahydrate, a missing Tutton’s salt, and a brief review of the entire family

  title={Thallium manganese sulfate hexahydrate, a missing Tutton’s salt, and a brief review of the entire family},
  author={Vladimir B. Nalbandyan},
  journal={Powder Diffraction},
  pages={52 - 55}
A new Tutton’s salt Tl2[Mn(OH2)6](SO4)2 was grown from aqueous solutions and characterized by chemical analysis and X-ray powder diffraction. It was found to be monoclinic, space group P21/a, a=0.93276(6), b=1.25735(8), c=0.62407(4) nm, and β=106.310(3)°. It is unstable in warm air and dissolves incongruently. A comparison of unit cell volumes for all 37 Tutton sulfate phases found in ICDD’s PDF-2 database (86 entries) reveals a reasonable correlation with Shannon and Prewitt’s ionic radii… 
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