Thallium elimination kinetics in acute thallotoxicosis.

  title={Thallium elimination kinetics in acute thallotoxicosis.},
  author={J Hologgitas and P A Ullucci and Jo-Ann Driscoll and J Grauerholz and Hubert Martin},
  journal={Journal of analytical toxicology},
  volume={4 2},
This is a presentation of an acute fatal case of thallotoxicosis. The symptomatology of this ingestion and the absorption, distribution, and excretion of thallium will be discussed. Reliable pharmacokinetic information, monitoring the disappearance of thallium, will be correlated to the clinical events. This paper makes a contribution to the toxicology of thallotoxicosis in terms of kinetics of thallium and pharmacokinetics in acute ingestion. Values obtained on multiple, sequential, whole… CONTINUE READING