Thales—our founder?

  title={Thales—our founder?},
  author={Colin R. Fletcher},
  journal={The Mathematical Gazette},
  pages={266 - 272}
  • C. Fletcher
  • Published 1 December 1982
  • History
  • The Mathematical Gazette
The Greeks were the first real mathematicians. Littlewood expressed this thought in the following terms; they were not clever schoolboys or scholarship candidates, but Fellows of another College. The sentiment is universally accepted by mathematicians, no matter how clever we consider the ancient Egyptians, nor how under-rated the achievements of the Babylonians (nor indeed how inscrutable the works of the ancient Chinese). But if the Greeks were the first in the field, who was the first of the… 

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A Mathematician's Apology

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  • Philosophy
  • 1941
THIS is a slight book. From such cloistral clowning the world sickens. It purports to be an apology for a life misspent in mathematics and for the sort of mathematics on which it has been misspent—

Handbook of Greek pottery

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