Thalamic connections with limbic cortex. II. Corticothalamic projections.

  title={Thalamic connections with limbic cortex. II. Corticothalamic projections.},
  author={S. S. Kaitz and Richard T. Robertson},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={195 3},
The corticothalamic projections from the cat limbic cortex have been investigated with anterograde and retrograde axonal transport techniques. Five limbic cortical areas-the anterior limbic area, the cingular area, the granular and dysgranular retrosplenial areas, and the presubiculum-were identified on the basis of their cytoarchitecture. Emphasis was placed on determining the laminar distribution of the cells of origin of the efferent projections, the projection pathways, and the sites of… CONTINUE READING


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