Thailand’s new right, social cleansing and the continuing military–monarchy entente

  title={Thailand’s new right, social cleansing and the continuing military–monarchy entente},
  author={James Taylor},
  journal={Asian Journal of Comparative Politics},
  pages={253 - 273}
  • James Taylor
  • Published 5 January 2021
  • Political Science
  • Asian Journal of Comparative Politics
The article looks at the nature of the state and society in contemporary Thailand using a comparative historical analysis. Thailand is led by an officer corps, faithful only to the monarchy regime, while the land is at the disposal of the absolute sovereign who unquestionably holds control over its terrain, resources and people. It is a mix of Siamese palingenetic ultranationalist sentiment with re-interpretations of a conservative Buddhist ideology which is based on the morality and right of… 


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