Th1 and Th2 cytokine profiles in sickle cell disease.

  title={Th1 and Th2 cytokine profiles in sickle cell disease.},
  author={Raj Gopal Raghupathy and Mohammad Z Haider and Fawaz Y Azizieh and Rania Mohsen Abdelsalam and T M D'souza and Adekunle Adekile},
  journal={Acta haematologica},
  volume={103 4},
We have investigated the levels of Th1 (IL-2 and IFN-gamma) and Th2 (IL-4) cytokines in the plasma and supernatants following peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture and mitogen stimulation in a group of 39 patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) made up of 29 SS, 8 Sbeta-thal and 2 Hb SD in steady state. Five SS patients were studied during 7 episodes of vaso-occlusive crisis. Twenty-four control (3 Hb AS and 21 Hb AA) were also studied; 10 were acutely ill while 14 were healthy at the time… CONTINUE READING
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