Th-substituted SmFeAsO: Structural details and superconductivity with Tc above 50 K

  title={Th-substituted SmFeAsO: Structural details and superconductivity with Tc above 50 K},
  author={Nikolai Zhigadlo and Sergiy Katrych and Stephen Weyeneth and Roman Puzniak and Philip J. W. Moll and Zbigniew Bukowski and Janusz Karpinski and H. U. Keller and Bertram J. Batlogg},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We report structural, magnetic, and transport properties of polycrystalline samples and single crystals of superconducting Sm1−xThxFeAsO with maximal Tc above 50 K, prepared under high pressure. Bulk superconducting samples do not undergo a structural phase transition from tetragonal to orthorhombic symmetry at low temperatures. The unit-cell parameters a and c shrink with Th substitution and the fractional atomic coordinate of the As site zAs remains almost unchanged while that of Sm/Th zSm/Th… Expand
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Intrinsic Multiple Andreev Reflections in Layered Th-Doped Sm1−xThxOFeAs
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