Texture image retrieval using complex directional filter bank

  title={Texture image retrieval using complex directional filter bank},
  author={An P. N. Vo and Truong T. Nguyen and Soontorn Oraintara},
  journal={2006 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
  pages={4 pp.-5498}
In this paper, the shift-invariant complex directional filter bank (CDFB) is proposed for texture image retrieval. By combining the Laplacian pyramid and the CDFB, a new image representation with an overcomplete ratio of less than 8/3 is obtained. The direction subbands' coefficients are used to form a feature vector for classification. Texture retrieval performance of the proposed representation is compared to those of the conventional transforms including the Gabor wavelet, the contourlet and… CONTINUE READING