Texture Discrimination by Local Morphological Multifractal Signatures

  title={Texture Discrimination by Local Morphological Multifractal Signatures},
  author={Yong Xia and Rongchun Zhao and Yanning Zhang and Da-Zheng Feng and Jian Sun},
  journal={TENCON 2006 - 2006 IEEE Region 10 Conference},
Both the fractal dimension (FD) and the multifractal dimensions (MFD) have been widely used to describe natural textures in image processing community. However, due to the essential difference between the fractal reality of digital images and the mathematical fractal model, most FD/MFD estimation algorithms intrinsically produce less accurate results. In this paper, the idea of fractal signature is adopted and extended to the morphological multifractal estimation. As a result, a novel texture… CONTINUE READING