Textural properties of infra red dried apple slices as affected by high power ultrasound pre-treatment

  title={Textural properties of infra red dried apple slices as affected by high power ultrasound pre-treatment},
  author={Mladen Brn{\vc}i{\'c} and Sven Karlovi{\'c} and Suzana Rimac Brn{\vc}i{\'c} and Antonija Penava and Tomislav Bosiljkov and Damir Je{\vz}ek and Branko Tripalo},
  journal={African Journal of Biotechnology},
Drying is a process frequently used in food industry, often based on the use of conventional methods using heat exchange by conduction or convection. This kind of method may lead to quality loss in structure, texture and  sensory characteristics of final products. Consequently, the need for research of new drying methods arises.  One of such methods is power ultrasound aided drying. The aim of this work was to investigate the impact of  high power ultrasound pre-treatment on drying rate and… 

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