Textualizing and Contextualizing Cromwell

  title={Textualizing and Contextualizing Cromwell},
  author={J. S. Morrill},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
  pages={629 - 639}
  • J. Morrill
  • Published 1 September 1990
  • History
  • The Historical Journal
In the nineteenth century the appearance of Carlyle's collection of The letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell' transformed scholarly knowledge and understanding of England's greatest commoner. Running through innumerable editions this work also found its way onto the shelves in many, perhaps most, Liberal homes, Cromwell's pungent prose inspiring generations in their quest for democratic freedoms and religious liberty.2 It is, however, arguable that in the twentieth century the ready… 
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Parliaments and Politics during the Cromwellian Protectorate

1. Introduction: historiography and sources 2. Parliament and the paper constitutions 3. Elections 4. Exclusions 5. Factional politics and parliamentary management 6. Oliver Cromwell and Parliaments



Commonwealth to Protectorate

"This is, unmistakably, the work of a master historian, intended to endure."--London Review of Books. Studying one major episode can reveal its influence on the whole course of politics that ensued.

Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution

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