• Philosophy
  • Published 2011

Textual Research on "Hanshou(汉寿)Ting-Hou(亭侯)"

  title={Textual Research on "Hanshou(汉寿)Ting-Hou(亭侯)"},
  author={Zhang Hong-qian},
There have always been three different viewpoints about "Hanshou Ting-hou":one argues that "Hanshou" is a geographical name;the other insists that "Han"refers to Han Dynasty.After an refutation of the basis for the second viewpoint,we confirm the truth that "Hanshou"is a geographical name,and "Ting-hou" is a kind of marquis.Moreover,as to the location of "Hanshou" there are about three kinds of versions.First,in Wuling(武陵).Second,in Shu(蜀).Third,both of them were Guanyu(关羽)'s feuds.However,we… CONTINUE READING