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Textbooks for theological education in Africa : an annotated bibliography

  title={Textbooks for theological education in Africa : an annotated bibliography},
  author={Richard L. Starcher},



Tutu: Voice of the Voiceless

This is a biography of the Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmund Tutu, the man who is attempting to live a Christian life in both word and deed, in a front line position.

Comparative Discourse Analysis and the Translation of Psalm 22 in Chichewa, a Bantu Language of South-Central Africa

This study illustrates a comprehensive method of analyzing the discourse structure and style of a Hebrew lyric text with special reference to its interacting thematic organization and rhetorical

Celebrating Jesus Christ in Africa : liturgy and inculturation

This insightful and informative work explores the Africanization of Catholic worship in Congo (Zaire) and its implications for the world Church. In his Foreword, noted liturgist David Power says that

Christ, the African King: New Testament Christology

Contents: Methodological Questions - African Worldview - Images of Jesus in Africa - Yoruba-Ganda Kingdoms - Shilluk-Zulu Kingdoms - Jesus of Nazareth - Kingdom of God - Kingship of Jesus - African