Textbooks and introductions to Western Esotericism

  title={Textbooks and introductions to Western Esotericism},
  author={Wouter J. Hanegraaff},
  pages={178 - 200}
This article reviews the presently available supply of textbooks and introductions to the new academic field of study known as ‘Western esotericism’. By analogy with computer software, the author refers to the early ‘religionist’ phase of research in this domain as ‘Western esotericism 1.0’. He argues that Antoine Faivre's small French textbook L’ésotérisme (1992) marked the beginning of a more satisfactory upgrade that might be referred to as ‘Western esotericism 2.0’ and remains dominant in… 
The Globalization of Esotericism
In recent discussions about the study of esotericism, the adjective "Western" has come under critical scrutiny. Shouldn’t "esotericism" be understood as a global rather than just a Western field of
What is it all about? Some reflections on Wouter Hanegraaff's Esotericism and the Academy
In reviewing the growth of the field of study of ‘Western esotericism,’ this article compares the attempts at delineating its intellectual and religious genealogy by von Stuckrad (Locations of
Some remarks on the study of the Cultural History of Western Esotericism in Latin America
In the early 1990s, Western esotericism became an academic subject within the realm of history. Thanks to a plethora of research, our field has grown twofold via the emergence of a solid specialized
Dis/unity of Knowledge: Models for the Study of Modern Esotericism and Science
Research on relations between esotericism and science exhibits a fundamental asymmetry. While historians of science have been eager to uncover esoteric contexts for early modern sciences, scholars of
The power of ideas: esotericism, historicism, and the limits of discourse
This article is a response to the reviews by Giovanni Filoramo, Olav Hammer, Bernd-Christian Otto, Marco Pasi, and Michael Stausberg of Wouter J. Hanegraaff's book Esotericism and the Academy:
Is (Islamic) Occult Science Science?
ABSTRACT More than any other object of historical and anthropological study, Islamicate occult science cuts to the quick of what it means to be modern, to be Western, to be scientific. Yet nowhere
UvA-DARE ( Digital Academic Repository ) The problem of disenchantment : scientific naturalism and esoteric discourse , 1900-1939
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Religion at 50: pasts and futures
This is issue 1 of volume 50 of Religion. The journal has turned fifty. When we assumed the roles of editors in late 2007, we wrote an editorial in which we reviewed the development of the journal


Empirical method in the study of esotericism1
The debate initiated by Segal's "defense of reductionism" has produced a polarization between the theoretical positions of reductionism and religionism, suggesting that no alternative exists. This is
A Science for the Soul: Occultism and the Genesis of the German Modern
Germany's painful entry into the modern age elicited many conflicting emotions. Excitement and anxiety about the "disenchantment of the world" predominated, as Germans realized that the triumph of
Magic and Mysticism: An Introduction to Western Esotericism
This book discusses hermetism, Gnosticism, Jewish Mysticism, Christian Gnosis, and Western Esotericism in the Middle Ages, as well as current Esoteric Currents and Modern Christian Theosophy.
Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture
Introduction: hic sunt dracones 1. The history of truth: recovering ancient wisdom 2. The history of error: exorcizing Paganism 3. The error of history: imagining the Occult 4. The truth of history:
I. Introduction
Excerpt A revision of the stratigraphy and the brachiopod faunas of the Caradoc rocks exposed in the Girvan district of southwest Ayrshire suggests that the current classification of the successions,
The Cambridge Companion to Western Mysticism and Esotericism
  • 2013
Schwarzbuch Esoterik
  • 2010
Schwarzbuch Esoterik. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus
  • Chishty-Mujahid, Nadya Q
  • 2010