Textbook accounts of the rules of indices with rational exponents

  title={Textbook accounts of the rules of indices with rational exponents},
  author={C. Sangwin},
  journal={International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology},
  pages={1191 - 1209}
  • C. Sangwin
  • Published 2019
  • Mathematics
  • International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
ABSTRACT The rules of indices, e.g. , are a particularly important part of elementary algebra. This paper reports results from a textbook analysis which examined how the shift from integer to rational exponents in the rules of indices is discussed in school textbooks. The analysis also considered related issues, such as notation and the introduction of complex numbers. A selection of popular textbooks from the period 1800–2000 was examined and the nature of the justification given for the… Expand
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