TextMess 2.0: Las Tecnologías del Lenguaje Humano ante los nuevos retos de la comunicación digital


The overall aim of this project focuses on the study, development and experimentation with different techniques and systems based on Human Language Technologies (HLT) for developing the next generation of intelligent digital information processing systems (modelling, retrieval, processing, comprehension and detection), in order to meet the present challenges posed by digital media. In this new scenario, systems have to incorporate the reasoning capability to ascertain the subjectivity of information in all contexts (spatial, temporal and emotional), while analysing the various dimensional uses (multilingualism, multimodality and register). K eywords: HLT, language registers, opinion mining, sentiment analysis.

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@article{MartnezBarco2011TextMess2L, title={TextMess 2.0: Las Tecnolog{\'i}as del Lenguaje Humano ante los nuevos retos de la comunicaci{\'o}n digital}, author={Patricio Mart{\'i}nez-Barco and Maria Ant{\`o}nia Mart{\'i} and Luis Alfonso Ure{\~n}a L{\'o}pez and Paolo Rosso}, journal={Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural}, year={2011}, volume={47}, pages={339-340} }