Text-to-speech conversion system on an integrated circuit

  title={Text-to-speech conversion system on an integrated circuit},
  author={Geoffrey Bruce Jackson and A. Raina and Bo-Hung Wu and C. R. Lin and M. B. Chang and Bor-Wen Yang and Wen-Kuei Chen and P. Holzmann and Rodney Lee Doan and S. V. Awsare},
A text-to-speech conversion system that includes a first module to convert text into words, a second module to convert words into phonemes, a third module to map phonemes to sound units, and a storage unit to store speech representations for a library of sound units. The first, second, and third modules and the storage unit are implemented within a single integrated circuit to reduce size and cost. The system typically further includes a ROM to store the codes for the modules, a RAM to store… CONTINUE READING