Tetrazolium salts and formazans.

  title={Tetrazolium salts and formazans.},
  author={F. P. Altman},
  journal={Progress in histochemistry and cytochemistry},
  volume={9 3},
  • F. P. Altman
  • Published 1976 in Progress in histochemistry and cytochemistry
The history of the tetrazolium salts and formazans goes back 100 years, to when Friese (1875) reacted benzene diazonium nitrate with nitromethane, to produce a cherry-red "Neue Verbindung". This was the first formazan. 19 years later, Von Pechmann and Runge (1894) oxidised a formazan to produce the first tetrazolium salt. Many hundreds of tetrazolium salts and formazans were prepared in the following years, but only a handful have found applications in biological research. This article has… CONTINUE READING

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