Tetrazepam allergy

  title={Tetrazepam allergy},
  author={M D del Pozo and A Blasco and Te{\'o}filo Lobera},
3635, 5117, 3211, 6311, and 4124 sera were tested, giving positive incidences of 7.0, 6.6, 7.4, 8.5, 6.2, and 10.0%, respectively. Table 1 shows comparison of IgE titers against Anisakis with those against various seafood species in the same patients. For example, 1644 cases were assayed simultaneously for Anisakisand mackerel-speci®c IgE. Among these, 394 cases were Anisakis positive and mackerel negative, 14 cases were Anisakis negative and mackerel positive, 27 cases were positive for both… 

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The attempt to reproduce CU lesions during remission with the patient's serum dating from a symptomatic period failed, suggesting that no cold-sensitive factor was present in the serum or that it was removed by freezing and/or storage of the serum.
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