Tetraphenyl Butadiene Emanation and Bulk Fluorescence from Wavelength Shifting Coatings in Liquid Argon

  title={Tetraphenyl Butadiene Emanation and Bulk Fluorescence from Wavelength Shifting Coatings in Liquid Argon},
  author={Jonathan Asaadi and B. J. P. Jones and Anand Ratnakar Prasad Tripathi and Ilker Parmaksiz and Hunter Sullivan and Z. G. R. Williams},
We study the stability of three types of popularly employed TPB coatings under immersion in liquid argon. TPB emanation from each coating is quantified by fluorescence assay of molecular seive filter material after a prolonged soak time. Two of the coatings are shown to emanate a detectable concentration of TPB into argon over a 24 hour period, which corresponds to tens of parts per billion in argon by mass. In an independent setup, the dissolved or suspended TPB is shown to produce a… 

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