Tetrameric and homodimeric camelid IgGs originate from the same IgH locus.

  title={Tetrameric and homodimeric camelid IgGs originate from the same IgH locus.},
  author={Ikbel Achour and Patricia Cavelier and Magali Tichit and Christiane Bouchier and Pierre Lafaye and François Rougeon},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={181 3},
In addition to producing conventional tetrameric IgGs, camelids have the particularity of producing a functional homodimeric IgG type lacking L (light) chains and only made up of two H (heavy) chains. This nonconventional IgG type is characterized by variable and constant regions referred to as V(H)H and C(H)H, respectively, and which differ from conventional V(H) and C(H) counterparts. Although the structural properties of homodimeric IgGs have been well investigated, the genetic bases… CONTINUE READING
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