Tetracycline regulated gene expression in Leishmania donovani.

  title={Tetracycline regulated gene expression in Leishmania donovani.},
  author={Shaofeng Yan and Peter J. Myler and Kenneth D. Stuart},
  journal={Molecular and biochemical parasitology},
  volume={112 1},
The prokaryotic tetracycline-responsive repressor/operator system has proven to be useful for studying the function of essential genes and the expression of toxic gene products in a number of organisms, including Trypanosoma brucei. We report here the adaptation of this system for use in Leishmania. The inducible promoter construct contains a bleomycin resistance-luciferase fusion (BLE-LUC) gene driven by an rRNA promoter with two copies of the TetO sequence inserted two nucleotides upstream of… CONTINUE READING


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