Tetrabenazine therapy of pediatric hyperkinetic movement disorders.

  title={Tetrabenazine therapy of pediatric hyperkinetic movement disorders.},
  author={Samay Jain and Paul E. Greene and Steven J. Frucht},
  journal={Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society},
  volume={21 11},
Tetrabenazine (TBZ), a presynaptic dopamine depletor and postsynaptic dopamine receptor blocker, is widely used for the treatment of hyperkinetic movement disorders in adults. However, reports of its use in children are limited. We review the efficacy and tolerability of TBZ therapy in 31 children with hyperkinetic movement disorders refractory to other medications. TBZ was effective in reducing the severity of movement disorders resistant to treatment with other medicines. When compared to… CONTINUE READING

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