Testosterone Undecanoate — Schering AG

  title={Testosterone Undecanoate — Schering AG},
  journal={Drugs in R \& D},
  • Published 2004
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Schering AG is developing a formulation of testosterone undecanoate [Nebido] for the treatment of testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism. This deficiency can lead to decreased muscle mass, impaired muscle function, osteoporosis, reduced sexual function and mental degeneration. Schering claims that its new formulation provides superior control of blood levels of the drug and permits a longer period of application. Nebido requires only four injections per year, and represents a major improvement… Expand
Advances in male hormone substitution therapy
Signs and symptoms together with a low serum testosterone level confirm the diagnosis of male hypogonadism and androgen replacement results in improved sexual function, mood, muscle mass and bone density in most Hypogonadal men. Expand