Testis specific phosphoglycerate kinase B in mouse.

  title={Testis specific phosphoglycerate kinase B in mouse.},
  author={John L Vandeberg and Desmond W. Cooper and Pierre Close},
  journal={The Journal of experimental zoology},
  volume={198 2},
Mammals possess two genetically distinct forms of phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK). Only the X-linked PGK-A isozyme is detectable by electrophoresis of somatic and ovarian tissues of the mouse and of most other eutherian mammals studied to date. The PGK-B isozyme is highly active in testes and epididymides which contain spermatozoa, as well as in semen. PGK-B activity is first detectable in testes of 22-day-old mice and shows rapid increase concomitant with germ cell proliferation until day 40… CONTINUE READING


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