Testing top quark Yukawa interactions in e+ e- ---> t anti-t Z

  title={Testing top quark Yukawa interactions in e+ e- ---> t anti-t Z},
  author={B. Grza̧dkowski and J. Pliszka},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Determination of the top-quark Yukawa couplings in the process e+ e- -> t \bar{t} Z has been studied for the high luminosity option (\int L=500\fbinver) of a linear e+e- collider. Polarization of the electron beam has been considered. The method of optimal observables has been adopted to determine the couplings and to disentangle different models. It has been found that it could be possible to discriminate between the Standard Model scalar Higgs boson, pure pseudoscalar and the Higgs boson of… 
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